About Us and Our Work

Cities, and the network of places within them, are the product of a range of influences which we define as economics, politics, architecture, urban design, sociology, history and the environment. 

Understanding these influences, and how they interact, informs the tools available to policy makers with the aim of improving cities and the lives of their inhabitants. We want to be part of this process, it is what excites us and gives our work value.

At the heart of what we do is understanding the problems clients wish to solve, and producing clear, implementable solutions based on robust analysis and research. Whilst these solutions are often delivered through a regulatory framework such as the planning system, we do not want this to limit our creativity nor determine the solution.

Whilst we are confident in our own skills and experience, we are always keen to learn from others and believe the best solutions are often the result of a collective process.

Jonathan Moore
Municipal Projects Ltd
74 Kenworthy Road
London, E9 5RA

 07947 624 148

Twitter: @MunicipalPrjcts 

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