Alton Estate Regeneration, Roehampton
Wandsworth Council

The Alton estate in Roehampton, South West London is one of the most significant post-war housing estates built by the LCC, exemplifying a modernist approach towards public housing. Wandsworth Council have commissioned a master plan to ensure the estate’s relevance in the 21st century, making it again place of choice. The commission involves project
management on the client-side, liasing with and managing the appointed masterplanning team, and leading on the stakeholder engagement programme. The Masterplan was approved by Wandsworth Council in October 2014.

Alton area Masterplan 

Newhaven Options Study
Lewes District Council

Municipal Projects were appointed to provide strategic regeneration advice to Lewes District Council regarding the ongoing regeneration and development activities in Newhaven, on the Sussex Coast. Despite problems such as an underachieving town centre, a struggling housing market, and an over-supply of employment land, there has been a recent increase in interest and investment in the town and its development sites. Municipal Projects helped the Council set these activities within an overall programme of activities, identifying priority projects, risks and dependencies, and next steps in order to maximise the value and efficiency of the Council’s involvement on each project.

Strategic Investment Plan
London Anglia Growth Partnership

The London Anglia Growth Partnership appointed House Consulting & Municipal Projects to identify a number of strategic infrastructure projects that, with support, could unlock significant economic benefits for the sub-region. Through a process of research and assessment, plus engagement and development with the LAGP Board and member organisations, a number of projects were selected which can be used in a ‘prospectus’ to attract funding and investment to aid the delivery of these projects. 

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Interim Support – Plan-Making Team
LB Tower Hamlets

Municipal Projects has been providing interim support to the LB Tower Hamlets Plan-Making Team between 2010 and 2012, providing support to the development of the Managing Development DPD, the Fish Island Area Action Plan, and subsequently the Examination in Public for these documents. Municipal Projects also coordinated a programme of projects which formed the evidence base to underpin the LDF documents.

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Infrastructure Delivery Plan 
LB Tower Hamlets 

Municipal Projects produced LB Tower Hamlets’ first Infrastructure Delivery Plan, using outputs from a bespoke population growth model, an Infrastructure Plan was produced to support the subsequently adopted Core Strategy. The Infrastructure Plan has subsequently been updated and will be evidence for both the Community Infrastructure Levy, and as part of a move towards a corporate approach to infrastructure planning.

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Infrastructure Delivery Plan & Community Infrastructure Levy
LB Croydon

Municipal Projects worked as part of the Infrastructure Team in LB Croydon to produce an Infrastructure Delivery Plan to support the development of the Core Strategy and the Community Infrastructure Levy evidence base. The Infrastructure Delivery Plan was strongly linked to the Council’s own Capital Strategy and so was central to the Council’s investment programme.

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Infrastructure Delivery Plan & Community Infrastructure Levy
LB Ealing

Municipal Projects worked in-house at LB Ealing to assist them in the production of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan, an important component of the evidence base for the Ealing Development Strategy. This included capturing existing projects developed in response to population and housing growth, and included an advocacy role to aid the adoption of the principles of infrastructure planning among its partner agencies.

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Fish Island Area Action Plan
LB Tower Hamlets

Municipal Projects contributed towards the development of an Area Action Plan for Fish Island, in the eastern part of Tower Hamlest adjacent to the Olympic Park. The area, formerly one of industry, faces significant challenges in relation to the quality of the environment and it’s severance from nearby communities, but also huge potential due to its proximity to the Olympic Park and its rich industrial heritage. The policy approach sought to address these challenges, whilst retaining its character and encouraging the growth of the small businesses and creative industries that have recently located there.

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Southall Development Study
LB Ealing

Municipal Projects project managed and co-authored this study which followed on from a Framework for Southall, a town centre planning framework for this town centre in Ealing, one of West London’s most diverse and unique neighbourhoods. The study identified a number of development principles and design guidelines for the area around Southall Station, which is likely to undergo significant change as a result of the forthcoming Crossrail connection and the redevelopment of employment areas. This study aimed to plan for this change in a coordinated and sustainable manner, encouraging the regeneration of the area whilst being sensitive the town centre around it.

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Park Royal Southern Gateway Position Statement
LB Ealing

The area around North Acton Station is one of the major opportunities for growth within the Park Royal Industrial Estate. This piece of work reconciled both the Council’s vision for the area with developer aspirations, operating within the existing planning policy context. It produced a Planning Framework to be used by both those planning development and as evidence for the Borough as Planning Authority.

Southall Gas works
LB Ealing

Project Manager for this technical study, assisting Ealing Council in the design, planning and Implementation of the Master Plan for Southall Gas Works, one of the largest development sites in West London. This involves producing a ‘framework’ for the wider town centre and providing planning and design advice to the Council on the Master Planning of the site.

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